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6 Must Do Easter Playdough Activities

1. HCB Noughts and Crosses

Traditional noughts and crosses Easter style using hot cross buns! 

What you’ll need: brown, white and green playdough (or choose your little one’s favourite colour). 

Create the noughts and crosses (hot cross buns) by rolling balls of brown dough and using white dough to add the cross and noughts. Set up the grid by rolling snakes and enjoy watching the joy of winning on your kiddo’s face!  Warning: it might get competitive but try to let your little one win a couple of games 😆

2. Easter Colour By Numbers 

This Easter basket activity is a great way to keep little brains active by matching colours and numbers. 

What you’ll need: a piece of cardboard (any colour), a sharpie or felt pen; 3-4 coloured playdough jars. 

Number each coloured playdough jar. Draw a simple egg basket on the card and add numbers on the drawing to match the jar numbers. 

This activity is such fun your little one won’t even know it’s educational! How do you think your bunny will go matching the numbers and colours?

3. Easter Egg Decorating

A long weekend activity so entertaining it will buy you some time for a quiet cuppa … or maybe a wine!

What you’ll need: paper, scissors and playdough (we suggest a few colours so your bunny can get really creative). 

Cut a large oval and help your little one to roll snakes and balls to decorate the egg. Tip: get creative and use household items - like forks - to make textures in the dough. 

Let’s see how creative your little bunny gets!

4. Carrots For The Bunny

Hype up the excitement of the Easter Bunny’s arrival by practicing cutting some playdough carrots! 

All you’ll need is orange and green playdough plus a pair of safety scissors. Roll the orange dough into oval shapes with a pointy end. With a dough cutter create lines to make it look like a real carrot.  Use the green dough to create leaves and add them to the pointy carrots. Then get cutting!

So. Much. Fun. It's great scissor skills practice and you'll leave the bunny so full from all the carrots too!

5. Easter Carrot Garden

A carrot garden will teach the kiddos where the carrots so loved by the Easter Bunny come from and keep them entertained over the long weekend. 

What you’ll need: brown, orange and green playdough. Some play kitchen vegies and/or flowers (or real ones will also work). 

Create the dirt with the brown playdough and poke some holes in the dirt for the carrots. Then it's over to the little fingers to start planting and harvesting their carrot garden.  

Entertaining, fun and educational! 

5. Place Ears On The Bunny

A take on pin the tail on the donkey for one this Easter. This is a simple but fun exercise for little minds and fingers. 

The Easter Bunny is missing his ears and needs help. Simply draw a simple bunny face on paper or cardboard leaving off the ears. Then ask your little one to make some bunny ears and place them where the bunny’s ears should be. 

So fun and will create excitement for the arrival of the bunny.

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