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Wild Dough In Kinder Kits 2022... What A Wild Ride It’s Been!

There’s so many reasons I’m excited to have Wild Dough included in the 2022 Kinder Kits, the one that excites me the most is our product was chosen by a government panel of early childhood experts because our playdough is safe, inclusive, and a fun way to kick-start a child’s education. 

Every Victorian child starting three year old kinder will receive a kit. That’s a LOT of playdough.

Imagine … A Giant Wild Dough Sausage Chain

To make enough dough for all the kits we created 15 tonne of dough!  

What does that look like: If every Victorian child who receives the dough in the Kinder Kit rolled their dough into a sausage and we chained all those sausages together it would stretch from the top to the bottom of Victoria. 

That’s 225km giant playdough sausage - big enough to stretch around Albert Park Lake 45 times! YeS A LOT of dough. We went through 14 pellets of flour and 1000 litres of oil to make 225km playdough sausage. 

A Wild Ride For Our Team

Wild Dough is proudly Australian made. We make all the dough at a warehouse in Melbourne. So, what does it take to make an additional 15 tonnes of playdough? Some fun facts:

✔️We employed additional staff and we are a team of 9 people 

✔️We refurbished the warehouse

✔️We purchased an extra six machines

✔️We consumed approximately 480 cans of Pepsi Max

✔️Mel - Chief Creator and Wild Dough Designer - can now be considered a banh mi official taster - she ate roast pork banh mi every single day (so about 70!) . If you’re looking for Melbourne’s best banh mi just ask her

✔️Our Chief Wild Couple worked together for the first time ever with Mr Wild Dough taking 9 weeks leave from his job (... and they’re still married)

✔️Mel’s hands were every colour of the rainbow for the full 9 weeks 

✔️Miss and Master Wild Dough loved time with their grandparents while their parents worked day and night. 

It was a challenge. The business upscaled … fast. It was lots of fun and the whole team is so proud to see our playdough in so many little hands.  

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